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Professional discharge for 50 years, the old brand is trustworthy

Manual Die Sinking EDM Machine DE-45S

CNC Die Sinking EDM Machine CNC400S

Four major advantages

One-stop shop service

>Superior raw materials and original imported parts are selected, 

   and senior technicians are used for equipment assembly and testing

>The processing connector has obvious advantages, 

   and the processing flatness can be guaranteed within 0.002mm

>The corner clearing capacity can reach 0.02mm, 

   and the batch processing stability is within 0.005mm

>Professional discharge for 50 years, old brand,

   trustworthy spark machine R & D, production, sales and maintenance

>Advantages: high precision, high speed and low loss

>Features: convenient fool operation and complete functions

>Service: 24-hour technical support, after-sales worry free

   Nationwide, fast and convenient service

>In strict accordance with ISO9001 quality system, 

   the quality is stable and more worry free

>Have a professional process technology team, 

  team members have more than 10 years of industry experience!

>Personalized to provide customers with the best quality, safe, 

  efficient and stable solutions;

>In strict accordance with ISO9001 quality system, 

  the quality is stable and more worry free

>Design and customize according to customer needs.

>Have sufficient inventory and exclusive supply channels for imported accessories!

>Let you purchase time-saving, labor-saving and worry-saving.

High efficiency, good quality and high precision

Create an honest brand and lead the development of the industry!

Provide personalized customized solutions! Meet customers' non-standard needs!

Short supply cycle and fast speed!

About Us

Dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and service of high precision technology machine tools

Born in Taiwan in 1965, TAZE has another name “TOPEDM” at that time. We supply not only ZNC die-sinking EDM machines but also wire-cut EDM machines, small hole drilling machines, etc. As the marketing grew fastly, we moved to Dongguan around 2010. Under the leading of Mr. Xia Zhenpo, TAZE broke the ice, first developed a totally different controller software TAZE controller V1.0, and soonly advanced the software to V6.0.

TAZE has obtained over 10 software patents and rights. This simple and high-efficiency controller got 100% satisfaction. Till today, there are “TAZE”, “FITEDM”, ” JINY”, and other brands for CNC die-sinking EDM machines.  And we keep manufacturing different CNC  die-sinking EDM machines to the clients.

If you’re looking for the die-sinking EDM machine, you’re in the right place! Let’s rock the world together!




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